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With more than 150 000 users in 170 countries, Angelcam’s cloud-based solution allows users to easily manage any brand of security camera from any web-enabled device. To get the most from their camera, users may then turn to Angelcam’s App Store. Popular apps include live monitoring, cloud storage, broadcasting, time-lapse footage, alarm video verification and sharing a video to Central Monitoring Stations, Police Departments or community watch communities. Driven by community development, Angelcam’s App Store is also home to innovative solutions capable of revolutionary advancements in areas of image-based data analytics, sensor-related IoT, among countless other scenarios that evolves Video Surveillance to Connected Security space.



The Angelcam app records footage from conventional IP cameras to the cloud. Now, it is possible to record continuous streaming also from cameras in 2N IP intercoms. Simply install the new firmware 2.29 and enable the Angelcam option in the web interface.

Users can get real-time notifications about suspicious events. It is possible to choose from different events like movement in front of the intercom, elevated levels of noise, or tamper switch alarm. The application not only notifies customers but can also alert security services. In addition, the events are linked with the video footage for quick navigation in history. Customers can use the video as evidence in case of an accident.

To connect 2N Intercom to Angelcam, follow a step-by-step video manual.
IP Intercoms

Key features


  • 24/7 cloud recording of video stream from cameras
  • Direct and easy integration with 2N Intercoms
  • Real-time notifications about events like motion & noise detected, button pressed or tamper switch alarm
  • Events from intercoms linked with video footage
  • Cloud video footage sharing
  • IFTTT integration


Supported versions

  • 2N firmware 2.29


  • Angelcam Cloud recording package
  • 2N Enhanced Audio license for Noise detection
  • 2N Enhaced Video license for Motion detection