about company

Since 1990, ela-soft has been developing manufacturer-neutral management systems for security, building and communication technology. With the successful GEMOS system, which integrates all the technical subsystems into a central, simple-to-operate interface, ela-soft counts amongst the market and technology leaders in this sector. Over 750 implemented interfaces and more than 1000 installed systems prove the 29 years of experience and the success of the products from ela-soft.


Integration with 2N products

Through integration, 2N intercoms become part of GEMOS eco-system and both sides can benefit from the synergy of connected systems. Through manual alarm actions or automatic procedures, 2N intercoms can be controlled and monitored to implement functionalities desired by clients. It's up to the system integrators preferences where to put the business logic, either use 2N intercoms automation engine, or GEMOS procedures. Both GEMOS and 2N intercoms offer wide flexibility for almost any scenario.
IP Intercoms

Key features


  • Setting up and controlling SIP calls from intercoms in GEMOS
  • Call and communication status monitoring in GEMOS
  • Audio and video stream from intercom camera
  • Access events from intercoms delivered to GEMOS
  • Manual and automatic door control from GEMOS
  • Switch status monitoring and control
  • Dynamic touch display background control


Supported versions

  • GEMOS versions: GEMOS 3 and higher
  • 2N IP Intercoms 2.21 and higher


  • GEMOS driver license: dev_helios
  • 2N Enhanced Integration license
  • 2N Enhanced Video license