About company

HelloDoor is a company in the digital transformation of the reception area. We started from the vision that every company needs efficient reception systems and connects those to the internally used tools. We offer Virtual Reception systems like Virtual Reception, Visitor Registration or intercom communication. All the systems integrate with Skype for Business, Teams, and the Microsoft 365 cloud.



With the Intercom for Teams solution, employees can now use the tools they already use internally for communication to visitors. A receptionist or group of users can receive voice calls from the 2N intercoms in the Teams client on PC or mobile app. If needed, the intercom calls can be transferred, forwarded or go to Teams Call Queues. Opening doors for visitors is done remotely with a single command in the Teams client.
IP Intercoms

Key features


  • Answer 2N Intercoms calls from Microsoft Teams clients (PC, Mac or Smartphone)
  • Intercom calls can be transferred, forwarded or go to Teams Call Queues
  • Remote door-opening function by typing a numeric code in Teams
  • Voicecall (two way voice) from the Intercom to one or more predefined Teams users

Hello Door Details

Supported versions

  • HelloDoor Intercom for Teams
  • 2N IP Intercoms 2.30 and higher


  • Subscription for HelloDoor Intercom for Teams
  • Microsoft Teams and Phone System licenses